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Tagish Lake Gold Share value: TSX-V-TLG - Gold & gold-silver properties in Canada.

Talisman Energy Share value: NYSE-TLM - Operating in North America, North Sea, Southeast Asia and Algeria.

Tamerlane Ventures Share value: TSX-V-TAM Lead-zinc property in Canada.

Tanami Gold NL Share value: ASX-TAM Australia.

Tanganyika Oil Share value: TSX-V-TYK - Oil & gas properties in Syria, Egypt & Tanzania.

Tanqueray Resources Share value: TSX-V-TQY Canada.

Teal Exploration Share value: TSX-TL Mineral projects in Africa.

Tempest Energy Share value: TSX-TMYa Canada.

Tennant Creek Gold Share value: ASX-TNG Gold explorer in Australia.

Terex Resources Share value: TSX-V-TRR Canada.

Terra Nova Gold Share value: TSX-V-TGC Gold explorer in Canada.

Teryl Resources Share value: TSX-V-TRC Silver-gold prospects in USA, Canada.

Teton Petroleum Share value: AMEX-TPE Russia, USA.

Thelon Ventures Share value: TSX-V-THV Nickel), gold, diamonds in Canada.

Thistle Mining Share value: TSX-THT Gold producer in Kazakhstan.

Thor Mining plc Share value: LSE-THR - Tungsten & molybdenum projects in Australia.

Thundermin Resources Share value: TSX-THR Mineral properties in Canada.

Tiger Resources Share value: ASX-TGS Gold exploraation in Australia

Titanium Metals Share value: NYSE-TIE Supplier of titanium metal.

Tinka Resources Share value: TSX-V-TK - Gold, copper exploration in South America.

TLC Ventures Share value: TSX-V-TLV Massive sulphide deposit in Canada.

Tone Resources Share value: TSX-V-TNS Gold prospects in USA.

Tonogold Resources Share value: Pinksheets-TNGL - Gold, silver properties in USA.

Toreador Resources Share value: NASDAQ-TRGL Oil & gas properties in France, Romania, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, USA.

Trade Winds Ventures Share value: TSX-V-TWD Gold & silver properties in Canada & USA.

Trafina Energy Share value: TSX-V-TFAa Gas in Canada.

TransGlobe Energy Share value: AMEX-TGA Yemen.

Trend Mining Share value: OTCBB-TRDM Chile.

Tres-Or Resources Ltd Share value: TSX-V-TRS - Gold-silver in Mexico.

Tribute Minerals Share value: TSX-V-TBM - Gold & metals properties in Canada.

Tricorona Mineral AB Share value: Stockholm-TRIMb Kaolin & graphite.

Triex Minerals Share value: TSX-V-TXM Uranium producer in Canada.

Tri-Gold Resources Share value: TSX-V-TAL

Trilogy Metals Share value: TSX-V-TRGh

Tri Origin Minerals Share value: ASX-TRO Australia.

Triumph Gold Share value: TSX-V-TAU Gold property in Venezuela.

Trivalence Mining Share value: TSX-V-TMI Diamonds in Republic of Guinea.

Tsodilo Resources Share value: TSX-V-TDS Diamonds.

Tumi Resources Share value: TSX-V-TM Mineral properties in Mexico & Peru.

The Exploration Company Share value: NASDAQ-TXCO Oil & gas producer in USA.

Twenty-Seven Capital Share value: TSX-V-TSC - Uranium in Canada & Mexico.

Tyler Resources Share value: TSX-TYS - Gold in Canada, diamonds in Canada & copper in Mexico.

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