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Sable Resources Share value: TSX-V-SAE Explorer in Canada.

Samba Gold Share value: TSX-V-SAO Project in Chile.

San Gold Resources Share value: TSX-V-SGR Gold mine in Canada.

San Telmo Energy Share value: TSX-V-STU

Sanu Resources Share value: TSX-V-SNU Operating in Eritrea & Mali.

Saturn Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SMI

Sabine Royalty Trust Share value: NYSE-SBR Oil & gas producer in USA.

Scandinavian Gold Share value: TSX-SGL Gold in Finland.

Sovereign Chief Ventures Share value: TSX-V-SCV - Oil production in USA.

Sacre-Coeur Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SCM Guyana.

Scorpio Mining Share value: TSX-V-SPM Mining in Mexico.

Seabridge Resources Share value: AMEX-SA TSX-V-SEA Projects in USA & Canada.

Searchgold Resources Share value: TSX-V-RSG Diamonds & gold in Africa & Canada.

Selkirk Metals Share value: TSX-V-SLK Canada.

Senator Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SNR Copper properties in Canada.

Sennen Resources Share value: TSX-V-SN Guyana.

Serengeti Resources Share value: TSX-V-SIR Copper, gold & molybdenum deposits in Canada.

Serica Energy Share value: TSX-V-SQZ Operating in North Sea, Spain & Indonesia.

Shane Resources Share value: TSX-V-SEI Diamonds, gold & metals properties in Canada.

Shannon Resources Share value: ASX-SHA

Shanta Gold Share value: LSE-SNG Gold in Tanzania.

Shear Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SRM Gold, metals and diamonds properties in Canada.

Sheer Energy Share value: TSX-V-SHU Canada.

Sheffield Resources Share value: TSX-V-SLD Copper project in USA.

Shell / Royal Dutch Group Share value: NYSE-RD

Sherrritt International Share value: TSX-S Coal, nickel, cobalt, oil and electricity producer.

Sherwood Copper Share value: TSX-V-SWC Copper-gold property in Canada.

Sierra Minerals Inc Share value: TSX-V-SIM Mexico.

Silk Road Resources Share value: TSX-V-SIL China.

Silver Standard Share value: NASDAQ-SSRI Share value: TSE-SSO Silver properties in Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia, USA.

Silvercorp Metals Share value: TSX-V-SVM Silver project in China.

SilverCrest Mines Share value: TSX-V-SVL Silver deposit in Honduras.

Silver Grail Resources Share value: TSX-V-SVG Silver in Canada.

Silver Star Energy Share value: OTCBB-SVSE Operating in Canada, USA.

Silverstone Resources Share value: TSX-V-SST Silver & gold projects in Mexico.

Silver Wheaton Share value: AMEX-SLW TSE-SLW Silver producer.

Simmer and Jack Mines Limited Share value: JSE-SIM - Gold in RSA.

Sino Gold Share value: ASX-SGX China.

Sipa Resources Share value: ASX-SRI Australia.

Skeena Resources Share value: TSX-V-SKE Mining projects in Botswana, Côte d'Ivoire, Zimbabwe.

Skye Resources Share value: TSX-V-SKR Nickel project in Guatemala.

Sumitomo Metal Mining Share value: Tokyo-5713

Softrock Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SFT Properties in Greenland.

Soho Resources Share value: TSX-V-SOH Gold mine in Mexico.

Sola Resource Share value: TSX_V-SL Diamonds in Brazil.

Solex Resources Share value: TSX_V-SOX Uranium & metals properties in Peru.

Solid Resources Share value: TSX-V-SRW Property in Canada.

Solitaire Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SLT Gold project in Canada.

Solitario Resources Share value: TSX-SLR PGM property in Brazil.

Solomon Resources Share value: TSX-V-SRB Exploration in Burkina Faso.

South American Gold and Copper Share value: TSX-SAG Gold & copper properties in Chile, Peru.

Southern Arc Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SA Indonesia.

SouthernEra Diamonds Share value: TSX-SDM Diamond exploration in Canada, Gabon, Zimbabwe, DRC, RSA and Australia. Operates diamond mine in South Africa. Diamond exploration jv with BHP Diamonds in DRC.

Southern Gold Share value: ASX-SAU Exploration in Australia.

Southern Rio Resources Share value: TSX-V-SNZ Gold & metals deposits in Canada.

Sparton Resources Share value: TSX-V-SRI Properties in China and Canada.

Spider Resources Share value: TSX-V-SPQ Diamond projects in Brazil & Canada.

Spinnaker Exploration Share value: NYSE-SKE Oil & gas in Gulf of Mexico.

Staccoto Gold Resources Share value: TSX-V-CAT Gold explorer in USA.

Standard Uranium Share value: TSX-V-URN Uranium projects in USA.

St. Andrew Goldfields Share value: TSX-SAS Gold in Canada.

Starcore Resources Share value: TSX-V-SOE - PGM properties in Canada.

Starfield Resources Share value: TSX-V-SRU Nickel, copper, cobalt & PGM property in Canada.

Starfire Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SFU Uranium & nickel projects in Canada.

Stealth Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SML - Mineral developer in Canada.

Stellar Pacific Ventures Share value: TSX-V-SPX Projects in Canada & China.

Stellar Resources Share value: ASX-SRZ Uranium in Australia.

Sterling Energy plc Share value: LSE-SEY Gas fields in Gulf of Mexico and offshore Philippines.

Sterling Mining Company Share value: OTCBB-SRLM - Silver in USA.

Stillwater Mining Share value: ASE-SWC PGM producer.

Stingray Resources Share value: TSX-V-SRY Projects in Mexico.

Storm Cat Energy Share value: TSX-V-SME Gas reserves developer.

Stornoway Diamond Share value: TSX-V-SWY Diamond exploration in Canada.

Stralak Resources Share value: TSX-V-SRK Magnesite, copper, lead, zinc, silver properties in Canada.

Stratabound Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SB Gold, diamonds & metals properties in Canada.

Strata Oil & Gas Share value: OTCBB-SOIGF Oil sands in Canada.

Strateco Resources Share value: TSX-V-RSC Properties in Canada.

Strategic Metals Share value: TSX-V-SMD Explorer in Canada.

Strathmore Minerals Share value: TSX-V-STM Uranium properties in USA.

Stratic Energy Share value: TSX-V-SE Offshore in Côte d'Ivoire, Turkey, onshore in Morocco, Syria, UK's North Sea.

Strongbow Resources Share value: TSX-V-SR Zinc & gold explorer in Ireland.

Stroud Resources Share value: TSX-V-SDR - Silver in Mexico, gold in Canada.

Stuart Petroleum Share value: ASX-STU

Sultan Minerals Share value: TSX-V-SUL Canada.

Sunshine Gas Share value: ASX-SHG Onshore in Australia.

Superior Diamonds Share value: TSX-V-SUP Diamond explorer in Canada.

Superior Mining Share value: TSX-V-SMP Diamond, gold, & platinum projects in RSA.

Surgutneftegas Share value: pinksheets-SGTZY Oil in Russia.

Sutcliffe Resources Share value: TSX-V-SR Massive Sulphide (nickel/copper) project in Canada.

Sutter Gold Mining Share value: TSX-V-SGM Gold properties in USA.

Southwestern Resources Share value: TSX-SWG Gold & metals explorer in Peru, Chile, China, Brazil.

Swick Mining Share value: ASX-SWK

Sydney Resource Share value: TSX-V-SYR Gold & metals projects in Americas.

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