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Macarthur Coal Share value: ASX-MCC Coal in Australia.

MacArthur Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MMS Australian.

MacMillan Gold Share value: TSX-V-MMG - Explorer in Peru.

Macmin Silver Share value: ASX-MMN Explorer in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu.

Madison Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MMR Gold & metals in Canada, Americas, Papua New Guinea, Panama.

MAG Industries Share value: TSX-V-MAAu Diamonds in Congo (DRC).

Magma Metals Share value: ASX-MMB Australia, Canada.

Magnum Uranium Share value: TSX-V-MM Uranium properties.

Magellan Petroleum Australia Share value: ASX-MAG Oil & gas in Australia, New Zealand, UK.

Majescor Resources Share value: TSX-V-MAJ Diamond explorer in Canada.

Madras Aluminum Share value: Bombay-MSAL Aluminium producer in India.

Mandalay Resources Share value: TSX-V-MLR Chile.

Manicouagan Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MAM Canada.

Mano River Resources Share value: TSX-V-MNO Gold & diamonds explorer in Africa.

Mansfield Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MDR - Mineral explorer in Argentina.

Manson Creek Resources Share value: TSX-MCK Exploration project in Canada.

Mantle Mining Share value: ASX-MNM

Mantra Resources Share value: ASX-MRU

Mart Resources Share value: TSX-V-MMT Oil & gas in Africa.

Marum Resources Share value: TSX-V-MMU Diamonds explorer in Canada, USA.

Massey Energy Company Share value: NYSE-MEE - Coal producer in USA.

Masters Energy Share value: TSX-MSY Canada.

Matamec Explorations Share value: TSX-V-MAT Gold, diamond & emerald explorer in Canada.

Matilda Minerals Share value: ASX-MAL Australia.

Mawson Resources Share value: TSX-V-MAW Gold explorer in Sweden.

Maxim Resources Share value: TSX-V-MXM

Maximum Ventures Share value: TSX-V-MVI Gold/copper in Canada & Mongolia.

Maximus Resources Share value: ASX-MXR Copper, gold & uranium properties.

Maximus Ventures Share value: TSX-V-MXV Gold property in Argentina.

MaxTech Ventures Share value: TSX-V-MVT - Copper/zinc/silver/gold project in Canada.

MBMI Resources Share value: TSX-V-MBR

McMoRan Exploration Share value: NYSE-MMR Oil and gas offshore producer.

Medallion Resources Share value: TSX-V-MDL

Medoro Resources Share value: TSX-V-MRS

Mediterranean Resources Share value: TSX-MNR Gold in Turkey.

Mena Resources Share value: TSX-V-MEA Projects in Honduras & Mexico.

Mercator Minerals Share value: TSX-ML Copper producer in USA.

Meridian Resource Corp Share value: NYSE-TMR Oil & gas producer in USA and Gulf of Mexico.

Merlin Petroleum Share value: ASX-MPE Oil onshore in Australia.

Messina Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MMI Canada.

Metalline Mining Company Share value: OTCBB-MMGG Mexico.

Metalore Resources Share value: TSX-MET Canada.

Meteoric Resources Share value: ASX-MEI Gold project in Australia.

Metorex Limited Share value: JSE-MTX Zinc, copper, cobalt, antimony, gold, coal, fluorspar and manganese dioxide producer in Africa.

Midlands Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MEX Ghana & Tanzania.

Milagro Energy Share value: TSX-MIG Oil & gas in Canada.

Mill Bay Ventures Share value: TSX-V-MBV - Gold in Canada & USA.

Millstream Mines Ltd. Share value: TSX-V-MLM

Minara Resources Share value: ASX-MRE Nickel-cobalt producer.

Minco plc Share value: LSE-MIO Zinc & gold explorer in Ireland.

Minco Mining & Metals Share value: AMEX-MMK TSX-MMM China.

Minera Capital Share value: TSX-V-MNL Canada.

Mines Management Share value: AMEX-MGN Silver explorer.

Mineworks Resources Share value: TSX-V-MWK

Minmet plc Share value: LSE-MNT Gold producer & explorer in Brazil, Portugal, Russia and UK.

Mirasol Resources Share value: TSX-V-MRZ - Gold & silver in the Americas.

Mission Oil and Gas Share value: TSX-MSO

Moly Mines Share value: ASX-MOL Exploration in Australia.

Monax Mining Share value: ASX-MOX Uranium in Australia.

Moneta Porcupine Mines Share value: TSX-ME Gold producer in Canada.

Monroe Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MMX Alluvial diamonds in RSA.

Monster Copper Share value: TSX-V-MNS Copper-gold in Canada.

Montello Resources Share value: TSX-V-MEO Oil & gas properties in USA. Diamond explorer in Canada.

Montoro Resources Share value: TSX-V-MNQ Metals in Canada.

Morgain Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MGM Exploration in Mexico.

Moss Lake Gold Mines Share value: TSX-V-MOK Gold deposit in Canada.

Motapa Diamonds Share value: TSX-V-MTP Uranium explorer in Gabon.

Moto Gold Mines Share value: TSX-V-MGL Gold in Congo (DRC).

Mountain Lake Resources Share value: TSX-V-MOA Diamond producer in RSA.

Mountain Boy Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MTB Mineral properties in Canada.

Monarch Resources Share value: ASX-MRS Mining in Australia.

Mustang Minerals Share value: TSX-V-MUM PGM property in Canada.

Mvelaphanda Resources Share value: JSE-MVL - RSA

Mystique Energy Share value: TSX-V-MYS Canada.

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