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Gabriel Resources Share value: TSX-V-GBU Explorer in Romania.

Galleon Energy Share value: TSX-V-GOa Oil & gas in Canada.

Gallery Resources Share value: TSX-V-GYR Explorer in Canada.

Gammon Lake Resources Share value: TSX-GAM Share value: AMEX-GRS Gold-silver in Mexico.

Garibaldi Resources Share value: TSX-V-GGI Gold-silver in Mexico.

Garuda Capital Share value: OTCBB-GRUA

Gawler Resources Share value: ASX-GRL

GBS Gold International Share value: TSX-GBS Gold in Australia.

Gemstar Diamonds Share value: ASX-GEM

Genco Resources Share value: TSX-V-GGC Mexico.

General Minerals Share value: TSX-GNM Bolivia, Chile, China.

Gentry Resources Share value: TSX-GNY Canada.

GenX Resources Share value: Pinksheets-GNXC Mongolia.

Geodex Minerals Share value: TSX-V-GXM Diamond explorer in Canada.

Geodynamics Limited Share value: TSX-V-GDY Geothermal Energy.

GeoGlobal Resources Share value: AMEX-GGR Oil and gas explorer in India.

Geologix Explorations Share value: TSX-V-GIX USA & Peru.

Georgia Ventures Share value: TSX-V-GVI Gold in China.

Giralia Resources Share value: ASX-GIR Gold & metals in Australia.

Gitennes Exploration Share value: TSX-GIT Gold in Peru and Canada.

Glamis Gold Share value: NYSE-GLG Producer and explorer in USA.

Glencairn Gold Share value: TSX-GGG Gold in Americas.

Glen Hawk Minerals Share value: TSX-V-GHK - Uranium in USA.

Global Alumina Share value: TSX-GLA-U - Bauxite in Guinea.

Global Energy plc Share value: LSE-GED Colombia, Panama, Peru.

Globe Uranium Share value: ASX-GBE Uranium in Australia.

Golconda Resources Share value: TSX-V-GA Gold & diamond explorer in USA.

Goldbelt Resources Share value: TSX-V-GLD Gold explorer in Burkina Faso.

Goldbrook Ventures Share value: TSX-V-GBK Nickel, copper, and PGM in Canada.

Goldcrest Resources Share value: TSX-V-GCL Gold in Australia. Copper-gold in Burkina Faso.

Golden Arch Resources Share value: TSX-V-GAI Gold-silver-copper in USA.

Golden Arrow Resources Share value: TSX-V-GRG Gold explorer in Argentina, Peru.

Golden Band Resources Share value: TSX-V-GBN Gold explorer in Canada.

Golden Cariboo Resources Share value: TSX-V-GCC

Golden China Resources Share value: TSX-V-AUC

Golden Goliath Resources Share value: TSX-V-GNG Gold & metals explorer in Mexico.

Golden Goose Resources Share value: TSX-V-GGR Gold.

Golden Hat Resources Share value: TSX-V-GHA Properties in Canada, México & Africa.

Golden Hope Mines Share value: TSX-V-GNH Gold in Canada.

Golden Odyssey Mining Share value: TSX-V-GOE Gold in USA.

Golden Peaks Resources Share value: TSX-V-GL Gold in USA & Argentina.

Golden Queen Mining Share value: TSX-GQM Gold in USA.

Golden Tag Resources Share value: TSX-V-GOG Canada.

Golden West Resources Share value: ASX-GWR Australia.

Gold Fields Limited Share value: JSE-GFI Gold producer in South Africa, Australia & Ghana.

Gold Hawk Resources Share value: TSX-V-CGK Canada & Peru.

Goldmarca Limited Share value: TSX-V-GML Gold in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

Gold-Ore Resources Share value: TSX-V-GOZ Central America.

Gold Point Energy Share value: TSX-V-GPE USA.

Gold Quest Mining Share value: TSX-V-GQC - Gold explorer in Dminican Republic.

Gold Reach Resources Share value: TSX-V-GRH Canada.

Goldsource Mines Share value: TSX-GXS

Goodrich Petroleum Share value: NYSE-GDP Oil explorer and producer in USA.

Grandbanks Energy Share value: TSX-V-GBE Oil & gas explorer in Canada.

Grand Cru Resources Share value: TSX-V-GR - Gold explorer in Mexico, USA, Canada.

Grande Portage Resources Share value: TSX-V-GPG - Explorer in Canada.

Grandview Gold Share value: TSX-GVX Gold in USA & Canada.

Grayd Resource Corporation Share value: TSX-V-GYD - Gold in Mexico, Canada & USA.

Graynic Metals Share value: ASX-GYN Metals in Australia.

Great Basin Gold Share value: TSX-V-GBG AMEX-GBN Gold in RSA & USA.

Great Gold Mines Share value: ASX-GRA - Gold explorer in Australia.

Great Panther Resources Share value: TSX-V-GPR - Gold, silver in Mexico.

Great Quest Metals Share value: TSX-V-GQ Gold explorer in Mali & USA.

Greencastle Resources Share value: TSX-V-VGN - Gold explorer in USA & Niger.

Greenshield Resources Share value: TSX-V-GRE Explorer in Canada.

Greystar Resources Share value: TSX-GSL Gold in Colombia.

Grid Capital Share value: TSX-V-GID Gold in Canada.

Grizzly Diamonds Share value: TSX-V-GZD Diamonds explorer in Canada.

Gulf Keystone Petroleum Share value: LSE-GKP Africa & Middle East.

Gulfport Energy Share value: OTCBB-GPOR Oil & gas in USA.

Gulf Resources Share value: ASX-GLF

Gullewa Limited Share value: ASX-GUL Gold explorer in Australia.

Gunson Resources Share value: ASX-GUN Australia

Great Western Minerals Group Share value: TSX-V-GWG Canada.

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