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Balkans Gold Share value: ASX-BNL Gold-silver exploration in Bulgaria.

Ballad Enterprises Share value: TSX-V-BDC Gold in Peru.

Band Ore Resources Share value: TSE-BAN Canada.

Bankers Petroleum Share value: TSX-V-BNK Oil in Australia.

Bannerman Resources Share value: ASX-BMN Uranium in Namibia.

Barker Minerals Share value: TSX-V-BML Gold in Canada.

Barranco Resources Share value: ASX-BNR Gold, nickel, copper, lead and zinc in Australia

Barrick Gold Share value: NYSE-ABX Gold in USA, Chile, Peru, Argentina.

International Barytex Resources Share value: TSX-V-IBX DRC, China.

Bayfield Ventures Share value: TSX-V-BYV Canada, Mongolia.

Bayswater Ventures Share value: TSX-V-BVE Uranium.

Baytex Eneergy Trust Share value: TSX-BTEu Oil & gas in Canada.

BDI Mining Share value: LSE-BMG - Diamonds in Indonesia, gold in Papau New Guinea.

Beach Petroleum Share value: ASX-BPT Oil in Australia, Papau New Guinea.

Beacon Minerals Share value: ASX-BCN copper-gold-molybdenum, gold and nickel in Australia.

Bear Creek Mining Share value: TSX-V-BCM - Peru exploration.

Beartooth Platinum Share value: TSX-V-BTP PGM in USA.

Beaufield Resources Share value: TSX-V-BFD Gold in Canada.

Bekem Metals Share value: OTCBB-BKMM Nickel & cobalt in Asia.

Bell Resources Share value: TSX-V-BL Canada.

Belmont Resources Share value: TSX-V-BEO Canada.

Bema Gold Share value: NYSE-BGO Gold in Chile, Venezuela, Argentina.

Consolidated Westview Resources Share value: TSX-V-CWS

Benton Resources Share value: TSX-V-BTC Canada.

Better Resources Share value: TSX-V-BRZ Gold in Canada

BHP Billiton Share value: NYSE-BHP Australia.

Big Red Diamond Share value: TSX-V-DIA Canada.

Bill Barrett Corp Share value: NYSE-BBG - Gas in USA.

Birch Mountain Resources Share value: TSX-V-BMD - Gold, Platinum & Diamond in Canada.

Bitterroot Resources Share value: TSX-V-BTT USA.

Black Bull Resources Share value: TSX-V-BBS Quartz-Kaolin-Mica in Canada.

Black Pearl Mineral Share value: TSX-V-BLK Gold in Canada.

Blackrock Ventures Share value: TSX-BVI Oil in Canada.

Blizzard Energy Share value: TSX-BZZ Oil & gas in Canada.

Blue Diamond Mining Share value: TSX-V-BDM Diamond in Canada.

Blue Note Metals Share value: TSX-V-BNT Lead-zinc in Canada.

Blue Parrot Energy Share value: TSX-V-BPA Oil in Canada.

Bluestone Tin Share value: ASX-BTX Tin producer and nickel project in Australia.

BMA Gold Share value: ASX-BMO Gold in Australia.

Bendigo Mining NL Share value: ASX-BDG Australia.

Bois d'Arc Energy Share value: NYSE-BDE Oil & gaz in Mexico.

Bonaparte Diamond Mines Share value: ASX- - Diamonds in Australia & Namibia.

Boulder Mining Share value: TSX-V-BDR Gold in Canada, USA & Mexico.

Bounty Oil & Gas NL Share value: ASX-BUY Australian, New Zealand & Tanzania.

Burlington Resources Share value: NYSE-BR - Oil & gas.

Bralorne Pioneer Gold Mines Share value: TSX-V-BPN - Developing the old Bralorne-Pioneer gold mine, in southern British Columbia, Canada.

Bravo Venture Group Share value: TSX-V-BVG USA & Canada.

Brazauro Resources Share value: TSX-V-BZO Gold in Brazil.

Brazilian Diamonds Share value: TSX-V-BDY Diamonds in Brazil.

Breakwater Resources Share value: TSE-BWR Tunisia, Canada, Honduras, Chile, Canada.

Brett Resources Share value: TSX-V-BBR Goldn in Canada & Indonesia.

Brigadier Gold Share value: TSX-V-YRG Gold in Canada.

Bright Star Ventures Share value: TSX-V-BSV PGM in Canada.

Brilliant Mining Share value: TSX-V-BMC Nickel, copper & PGM.

Buck Lake Ventures Share value: TSX-V-BUC PGM in USA, Uranium in Slovakia.

Minas Buenaventura Share value: NYSE-BVN Silver in Peru.

Buka Minerals Share value: ASX-BKA Australia.

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