The Quito-Misahualli excursion can take from a weekend to a week time. It offers a verity of scenery from a high Paramo in Papallacta area, through a jungle covered steep mountains after Baesa, to a tropical jungle with big rivers in Misahualli area. While covering the Quito-Misahualli distance in daytime, one can hardly imagine the era of Francisco de Orellana when it took him months to cover the same distance.

QUITO-MISAHUALLI TRIP Papallacta Archidona Tena Puerto Misahualli

On the way from Quito to Misahualli:

The first stop is in Papallacta for few hours of a relaxing bath in hot springs and a plate of fresh mountain lake trout.

The second stop is at Jumandi Caves before the town of Archidona and a visit to few ancient petrogliphes abounding around.

The third stop is to visit the botanic garden on an island in the centre of Tena, the capital of Napo province. From there to Misahualli is less than an hour following Rio Napo.

Puerto Misahualli offers a wide selection of hotels to stay for a night. The next day one can relax on the sand beach or take a Rio Napo tour in a long riverboat. If you have more than a weekend, a visit to Sinchi Runa Cabañas may be included. There, wild animals and birds in semi-free environment can be observed. Many other attractions are found near Puerto Misahualli.

Papallacta Archidona Tena Misahualli