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Last stop, Puerto Misahualli

Puerto Misahualli

Puerto Misahualli­: the domain of Peco, the monkey

A resort with white and soft river sand beach is Puerto Misahualli­. The beach has dozens of trees that are the home of Peco, the monkey, and its descendants. The small monkeys, one of the attractions of this small town, are accustomed to tourists. They don't fear the man whom they consider its equal. When Peco finds a seated person in the central park, he comes closer to get acquainted. Be aware, these monkeys don't feel any fear to take what they need from cars, houses and stores. Beside it, Puerto Misahualli is the starting point for jungle excursions. At the beach many boats offer its services. Prices can vary, so to avoid surprises you should agree to it before taking a river tour. We recommend to make river tour reservations by calling Narcisa Moreira +593 (0) 6 289 0026 and cell +593 (0) 8 434 9476 or visiting Artesanias y Transporte Fluvial "Fabricio" at the corner of municipal market. The last week of February is the time of Carnival.

Various jungle guides offer services on or around the central plaza.

How to get there
Only ten minutes from Tena, on the road to Puyo, is Puerto Napo. There, before the suspended bridge, turn left. From Puerto Napo, 27 kms. of paved road twisting up and down jungle covered hills leads to Puerto Misahualli.

The services
In Puerto Misahualli­ exist several hotels and restaurants for all budgets and likes. We recommend a cozy resort with swimming pool and tranquility in tropical garden environment: The Misahualli Hotel Resort, located on 240+ hectares of land, offering secluded privacy with full comfort at resonable rates.

Puerto Misahualli Area

34 - 8 kms from Puerto Misahualli is Latas waterfalls with natural limestone slide.
35 - 7 kms from Puerto Misahualli is Libreria de Pinzon is the name given to a limestone formation resembling bookshelves.
36 - Puerto Misahualli, a picturesque village at the junction of the Rio Misahualli and Rio Napo. In the plaza and on the beach roam monkeys. The Misahualli sand beach is a well-known destination for weekenders.
37 - Butterfly Garden in Puerto Misahualli offers examples of exotic butterflies.
38 - 2 kms from Puerto Misahualli is a suspension bridge of Pununo crossing Rio Misahualli.
39 - A lookout on the hill Rumiurco, located on 130 h. protected reserve of the hotel Misahualli, offers a view of the whole area.
40 - 4 kms from Puerto Misahualli is La Mina with mineral springs. The place attracts butterflies and birds of various species.
41- Take a canoe to a natural lookout at Muyuna, where you will have a beautiful view of Puerto Misahualli and Rio Napo.
42 - The Vasco ecological reserve offers 100 h. of primary jungle with trails and a complex of cabañas.
43 - The community of San Victor where are made necklaces of different seeds.
44 - Puca Chicta is a small native community on the side of Rio Napo.
45 - The location of foundation Jatun Sacha.
46 - The junction of Rio Puni and Rio Arajuno. It can be accessed by a trail from Puerto Misahualli (a 3 to 4 hours walk) following a jungle trail or by a river. It is one of the principal tourist destinations in the area.
47 - A day hike to and from communities of Las Palmeras, Tamia Urco and Alto Pusuno.
48 - From Las Palmeras takes a 3 h. hike to reach Tamia Urco where is found a 60 m. deep cave.
49 - Recreational gold panning can be practiced in the creeks draining into Rio Napo.
50 - Islands of Rio Napo are a preferred place for bird watching. Here was observed rare Hoatzin bird (opisthocomus hoatzin).
51 - A few hours walk up the Rio Pusuno leads to a beautiful waterfall.
52 - The community of Rio Blanco is known for waterfalls and shamans practicing herbal medicine and natural healing art.
53 - The ecological trail of medicinal plants and Amazon flora.
54 - La Punta Ahuano is where you can take canoes to various points of interest on Rio Napo. This is a destination of balsa raft or air tube drifting from Puerto Misahualli.
55 - A native museum of fishing and hunting traps.
56 - El Amazoonico is supposedly a rescue center for animals. In reality it is nothing more than an animal jail, where animals are kept until liberating death. Contributing to this shameful situation, by visiting the place, is not recommended.

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