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The season that the Shuar calls Amatin is followed with strong cloudbursts and the rivers grow and overflow. At this time the fish move up the rivers to the heads to put their eggs; thanks to the rising water the fish can arrive peacefully until the best hatching grounds where the eggs hatch without danger of being swallowed by other fish. The Shuar fish in this period using the fish traps that he places in a strategic positions, achieving abundant harvest, when the fish return to the big rivers. The knowledge of the Shuar regarding the fish is extensive.


The name common of the fish is namak, of the bagres kumpa, and of the sardines tsarar.
Aakiamp: similar fish to the bagre, big and black, eats small fish. It is fished with a fishhook.
Chale: small, lined.
Chamunkup: resemblance to the putu.
Chankiniumas: big, white, with black circles, it eats sardines; fishhook is used to it.
Inchir Tunka: bagre, small, black.
Iispink Namak: white with brilliant chest.
Intiash Wancha: medium fish, with hair on the whole body.
Jiur: sardine type, brilliant, white and fat.
Kaashap: big and brave, it attacks with tooth similar to a small handsaw.
Karats: called also tseku; long fish of brilliant black color.
Karaish: big as the aakiamp
Kantash: small, white, as worms lives in small waters, and has many thorns.
Kanka: white and red; eats algae.
Kanir: small size, it suck blood, it inhabits the small rivers, pretends to be dead while someone happens to pass, then it cuts him and sucks his blood.
Kamitian: resemblance to the pani, black color, red eyes, big teeth, it is dangerous, it eats small preys.
Karaimir: medium, with thorns on the sides, it is as the bagre.
Kasar or Kasur: it possesses teeth.
Kuir: yellowish, eatable.
Kumpa: small, of several colors; black coffee, lives in stone holes
Kumpar: as the sungaro, but smaller.
Kunankit: resemblance to the yutui, is of black and white color and it has long mustaches.
Kuntsu: blackish and reddish brown color it lives in the puddles.
Kupit Chumakai: species of sardines.
Kusea: yellow, big, it eats worms, has big teeth.
Kusum: small, black and white.
Mamayak: type of sardines, eats worms, has teeth.
Muyunch: small, of yellow color with black stains.
Najemp: white, silver, with the red line; it lives in the high areas of the rivers.
Namaku: black, lengthened as snake, small fins.
Napi: brown and long; it is slippery and lives among big stones.
Muuta: big; with stains and mustaches, resemblance to the bagre.
Nara Putu: brown with very fine thorns on the whole body.
Nayump Tunka: big, with yellow chest.
Nukump: type bagre, brown; it eats insects, lives in small waters.
Nukump Tunka: long and big, brown.
Nukumpia: eel type.
Pamamas: small, yellow with red fins.
Pani (Piraña): big of color ash; bites off the fishing line. The teeth are used to notch the arrows with curare.
Paumit: same type as pani; the abdomen is of red color.
Penke Tunka: black, white abdomen, it has long mustaches and it is big.
Penke Namak: "small mouth", without teeth, it eats beside the stones.
Saantu Tunka: small and black.
Saar Wancha: white, it lives in the big rivers.
Saar Yutui: white.
Sankup: black, lined of red, it has teeth.
Shinkiank: small, brown, it lives in small waters and puddles.
Shinkiatam: medium and long.
Tama: sardine type.
Titi: sardine species, resemblance to the wapuk tsarur.
Titim: long, it resembles to the fish shinkiatam.
Tsunkirum: medium and long.
Tuank Wancha: big, white with black lines.
Tunka: súngaro, black or dark coffee with big white chest (1.50 m.)
Tunka Munta: coffee, with circular stains.
Tunk Aakiam: big.
Uunt Nukumpia: eel of brown and gray color eats worms.
Wampi (Corvine): red and white color in both sides has red fringes it is plentiful in big rivers.
Wancha: medium, of black color with half white lines. Prohibited to be eaten by boys.
Wapuk Tsarur: resemblance to the sardine, of wide form and white color.
Wichi Tunka: medium, white, quite wide it eats sardines.
Winkia Chumakai: small sardine, with the sides of brilliant blue.
Yanchu: small.
Yuwi: small, it has white and yellow lines.
Yusa or Yampuna Tunka: medium of reddish color.
Yusrik: with big fins and thorns.
Yutui: small white, but also black, it possesses antennas mustaches, with which it defends itself.
Yuwinia: yellow color, resemblance to yuwi.


Nayump: it is the name common of the big caracha.
Shacham: it is the name common of the small caracha.
Karancham: small, brown.
Mae Nayump: a caracha type.
Nayump tauri: big.
Pakashacham: a carachas type, small.
Spike: of good size.
Putix': big of yellowish brown color; it has thorns on the body.
Putuchi: big of yellowish color.
Putú nayump: big.
Puturna: very big.
Saacham: very small; it lives in very small rivers.
Shuwi: black, big, with oily skin; it makes its house under the stones and among sticks.
Tsuri: black, has thorns on the whole body.
Wichi Nayump: black.


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