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The adventure: sanctuary of birds and the subterranean world.

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Cosanga is a redoubt of the birds. The oriental hills of the Andes are a redoubt of the biodiversity of Ecuador. In this zone still inhabit large mamíferos as the danta, or the tapir of mountain, the bears, and the pumas. It is also a privileged place for the flora and bird waching. 12 kilometers before the town of Cosanga is the sector of The Caucheras. It is named after the intensive rubber exploitation in the XVIII century. Currently, the trees of rubber almost have disappeared, but the sector conserves its magic especially when the fog covers all with a dense layer. Since this point one can see how the Andes melt smoothly into the great plain of amazónia that is born at the feet of the green slopes of of Andes.

How to get there

A kilometer before Cosanga, in the way Baeza-Have, there is a bypass marked by the announcements of the three hosterías of the zone. The road is bad and a high vehicle is needed to arrive.

The lodging

In the zone of The Caucheras exist three hostals that offer all the comforts to the visitors. They are The El Aliso, Sierra Azul and San Isidro. Each one specializes himself in a different segment, since the bird waching to the sport fishing, and the scientific investigation.

What to carry

The climate is cold so is indispensable clothes of shelter as gloves of wool and a chompa gross. Do not forget boots of rubber, poncho of water, cap, eyeglasses and largavistas to be able to admire to the fowls of the zone.

Jumandi, visit to a subterranean world

After twenty steps from the entrance of the cave to the first curve, the darkness covers all. Behind remain the shouts of joy of kids comming down water slides. The subterranean world with humid walls is opened, bats, spiders with long legs, almost transparent insects, stalactites and stalagmites. With a flashlight in the hand, and the company of a guide, the tourist enjoys an introduction to the speleologíe in the caves of Jumandi. There, the weak glow of light illuminates the vaults. The river runs accross the cave's floor to disapear in a well. For the visitors more advanced a bypass exists that conducts to a smaller place where barely there is space to walk like a cat through the caverns.

Do not forget.

To enter the caves is indispensable to carry a water resistant flashlight, bathing-suite and rubber boots because the floor is covered with mud.

To arrive.

The complex of the Jumandi caves is few kilometers before the town of Archidona.

The complex.

Besides the caves, a turístic complex exists with pools, slides, restaurant and parking. Is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

The history.

Jumandi is the name of a amazón cacique that directed a rebellion against the Spaniards in 1578. The legend counts that he hid in these caves to take refuge.

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