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Arutam in our conception is a superior, protective, transcendent and supernatural being that transmits a special force to the Shuar man in inexplicable form, using special physical forms to be presented giving him ability for a better life and for the survival amid the dangers of the nature.

The reality of the nature of Arutam is a difficult explanation. It cannot be defined in what he consists of or who he is. This way neither the Shuar who ended up discovering this being's origin can explain him, therefore he will be an existing being without origin and without end, but for us he is a reality, he exists and lives.

He has a reality different to that of the human being in his natural state. This spirit can not be seen with the corporal eyes neither his words normally can be listened with the ears, if the person's special state is required that you see or hears him. It is not a corporal being like the human is. It is also a spiritual state to which one only has access after the death.

When a Shuar has the vision of Arutam, he receives a power that explains the reason of the permanency of the Shuar in the life and later this Shuar for very big and strong reasons dies and the spirit leaves the man's body producing a strong tempest, lightning, thunders and rains and, he goes to the cascade, where transforms in true Arutam, the one that will live wandering in form of breezes eternally and some time it will be in the bodies of the future generations, "his children or grandsons" who will receive more powerful force, with the hope of a better life.

The transmission of the power most apparent is by means of words, the most common being: "ame wainkiata". (The life is for you, enjoy it as you want it). He refers subsequently to all the events, facts, situations of on life, work, hunts, feeding, etc. that has to be reached to feel them in the reality of ones life.

Finally he says: "ame nekatin atá"; (You will understand all that's living all that you want). He means enjoy and live a lifetime given by him; after who knows as much time, check what had to happen maybe die on some occasion and became some of the beings that are hypostasis of Arutam.

All the Shuar that have had visions are distinguished with easiness for their works and words. Those are who take a youth to the tuna (cascade, where Arutam lives). For this reason, one can say that the man transmits the power to another man.

In fact we are not Arutam while we live, worse still if the force of him has not been obtained. The Shuar that has received the power, when dying, their spirit goes to the cascade, and he truly becomes Arutam. For him doesn't intervene the place in which he has been, or the hallucinogenic drink that he has used as means to reach, to face and to conquer Arutam.

Arutam is an omniscient being, he knows everything, omnipotent, he can do all, omnipresent, it is everywhere; it is in all cascades of the rivers, small or big. He will also inhabit mainly the place where the Shuar before dying had vision.

Arutam is a reality it is a being existent and alive, his nature is very different to that of the human being, this being's wisdom always is bound to the reality, the powers proceed to carry out exclusively good actions or to get everything that is considered beneficial for the man. It is protective against the death and makes possible to have long life; his force is indispensable to correct the bad behavior.

Arutam is not a corporal being, its nature is difficult to describe and therefore to demonstrate his existence he manifests in different ways. Either as objects, animals, etc.. he is identified by means of them, mainly with the characteristic of that object or animal and at the same time he transmits power, the same power that has that object or animal. This manifestation form is called hypostasis.


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