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The women quichuas utilize fibbers of chambira to elaborate baskets, hammocks and bags. These blond threads, intertwined by hand, are very resistant, but smooth and docile to the touch. The chambira is obtained of a palm of the forest of which the fibbers are removed. Then they intertwine them, dry and later weave them by means of knots and crossings.

In this manner, forms of bags or hammocks arises little by little during a job that is carried out afternoons after finishing with the daily tasks. Once the objects are finished, they designs and paint them with a natural green colour obtained of the pita, a seed that the women collect in the forest. For the yellow one utilizes a forest tubers.

The ceramics

The Quichua villages of the Napo revive the custom of making elaborate objects of clay. The women manufacture delicate pieces, as plates, vases, jugs, bowls or ashtrays that are sold for five dollars or more.

Where to buy

In each community sell crafts they manufacture. In Misahuallí and Tena various craft shops exist that show a many pieces. An option is to ask for special pieces to be made by artisans.

The cerbatanas

An article that is found everywhere in the province are the blowguns manufactured with two boards of chonta united with a liana. Each ethnic group has a private seal; the quichuas do them circular and the huaorani oval.

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